Rebecca Lamprey

Rebecca Lamprey

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Guarded Heart

Savannah Kramer, a teacher and loving mother of two, enjoys the calm life she has made for herself. So what if there’s no excitement?

Alexander Landry, having survived a traumatic childhood with dark secrets and an F-you attitude, faces life with unswerving focus and determination

A single encounter was all Savannah needed to realize she wasn’t ready for the things Alex made her feel. Her innocence and ability to see the good in everyone confounds and intrigues him, even while he struggles to not be taken in.     

Alex fights against his past while trying to hold on to his future, fully aware how quickly it could all be taken away.  Savannah combats a stalker while struggling to keep herself and her family safe.  Both Savannah and Alex must learn to trust each other and share what’s in their hearts if they ever want a second chance at happily ever after.

Guarded Heart is the first book in the Wounded Heart Series. The second book, Frozen Heart is currently in progress.

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Josephine (Jojo) Taylor is a popular gamer and YouTube influencer. She feels pretty good about the life she’s carved out for herself. It isn’t a big deal that she can’t leave her apartment. Going out is overrated!

Hardy Scott escaped his childhood by enlisting in the army. Now, he has his bar and he has his friend, he needs nothing more. But what’s the deal with the girl next door? She’s shy but outgoing, funny but serious. She couldn’t really be that beautiful, could she?

Jojo is enthralled with her new neighbor. He swooped in and saved her when she needed it most, but could he really be that amazing? The looks, the hair, the eyes! It was killing her, she must know more!

With humor, attitude, and a whole lot of cookies, Jojo and Hardy circle each other like predator and prey. Only, which one is which?

Release Date: Summer 2021

Flowers of Death

Flowers of Death is a young adult paranormal series currently in progress.

Tentative release date: Book One – Flower of Mourning – TBA

What I’m in to now:

Anything Dance worthy

In this difficult time I find I am drawn to catchy tunes that make me want to dance. Dua Lipa, Halsey, or Cardi B
(love me some WAP 😉

I MUST dance!

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Immortal Guardians

Dianne Duvall

From the first novel, Darkness Dawns, I was hooked. Ms. Duvall brings together hunky immortals that spend eternity protecting humans from vampires gone mad with spunky, strong women that know just how to love them.
Her characters are people you’d want to be friends with while her descriptions and world building leave you wishing you could drop right in and be a part of the Network that helps them on their quest to protect humanity.

Binge worthy TV


The Office
Kim’s Convenience
West Wing
Great British Baking Show
Call the Midwives
Law and Order: UK
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Madam Secretary
Crash Landing on You

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